Natural Language Generation Specialist

Madrid Ad Machina

About Us

  • Making Science is a leading digital marketing and technology consulting firm, that is listed in the Madrid Stock Exchange. We are currently expanding our operations internationally, and our offices are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia, Alicante, Lisboa, París, Bogota, Mexico City, Milan, Padova, Stockholm, Miami, New York and Dublin. We are a company that specializes in providing comprehensive marketing and technological solutions for digital businesses. Our team is composed of more than 1.000 digital native professionals, who have a wide knowledge in the different stages and disciplines of the digital transformation: Digital Strategy, Infrastructures, Software Development, Creativity and UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing, and Big Data.
  • Making Science is People Centric, and we actively bet on our employees! We believe that they are the key to any successful business, and therefore, our greatest asset. We strive to provide daily learning opportunities for those who work with us and their colleagues. It is also really important that they enjoy what they do, and have positive experiences. We want our employees to feel proud of their accomplishments, and that they belong to a company that is in constant growth, because each person’s contribution is essential to achieve our success. Do you want to be part of this great family?

What we’d like you to do:

We are looking for a person to join our team of ad-machina masters.

  • In this position you will develop tasks that involve NLG (natural language generation) technologies, which will achieve high-quality and unique content for Google Ads campaigns.

  • You will also be learning about the programming language that we use in the creation of ad-machina projects called AML (ad-machina language). With this we create content on a large scale so that search ads are increasingly original and perform much better.

  • You will work with a tool that is constantly evolving and growing, so if you are passionate about learning new things, this is the position you are looking for.

What we’d like you to bring:

  • Degree in languages and technology, computational linguistics, philology, journalism, marketing or similar

  • Knowledge in content creation.

  • Knowledge in Google Ads and Facebook Ads will be highly valuable.

  • At least one year of experience.

  • Foundational knowledge of Python and chat GPT will be highly valuable.

  • You are methodological, proactive and analytical.

  • Valuable basic knowledge in programming and relational databases.

  • Valuable advanced level of English.

Perks of joining us

  • We give you complete stability with an indefinite job contract.
  • We offer a fixed salary according to your worth and experience, plus a performance based bonus. 
  • Get the most out of your salary with our Flexible Payment Plan (Restaurant Ticket, Transportation Ticket, Day Care Ticket, and Medical Insurance.
  • Do you know someone that fits in Making Science? Refer him or her, and you can get a bonus if they’re hired!
  • Feedback is part of our day to day lives. We recognize a job well done through a continuous feedback model. 
  • We care about a healthy work-life balance. You can count on having flexible working hours, an intensive work schedule during July and August, and one day a week where you can work from home. 
  • You will never stop learning with us: subsidized training, free language classes, learning capsules,  an e-learning platform, and many more.
  • Pack your bags! You’ll have 26 vacation days and the afternoons off on the eve of national holidays. 
  • Work comfortably and follow your own style, because we don’t have a dress code. 
  • We know how to have a good time! Monthly TGIF events, 5V, and much more!
  • Never go hungry with our free daily fruit and our vending machine card!
  • Take a break on our terrace, play foosball, darts, or PlayStation
  • Be a part of a young, adventurous, and professional team, with people you’ll grow fond of!
We are waiting for you!